Students find themselves at the center of the action!

The Opera Guessing Game

CELEBRATE WITH SINGING! is an entertaining and imaginative program designed to introduce young people to the wonderful world of music. From blockbuster Broadway hits to soaring arias by Puccini, Verdi and Johann Strausss, this performance explores the wonder and mystery of the human voice. The audience will be treated to a demonstration of different voice types, an inside look at creating a musical theater character and an opera guessing game which proves just how captivating and accessible this art form can be. From a classical treatment at the piano of "The Wheels On the Bus" in the style of Mozart, Beethoven and Rachmaninoff to a heart-pounding rendition of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, this show is guaranteed to captivate and awaken young minds to the powerful magic that is music.

Our program is inspired by years of teaching music in college and preparatory music conservatory programs. Today's new research has proven that prolonged exposure to classical music can increase a child's capacity for learning new skills, particularly in math and deductive reasoning, and have an overall positive effect on their IQs. Of all the fine arts, music is the most emotionally accessible to children. It provides them with a marvelous vehicle for self-expression. The students walk away feeling that it is just as cool to listen to Mozart or Andrew Lloyd Webber as it is to listen to rap or heavy metal.

Kick up your heels to opera!

Creating the character, Man of La Mancha,
before their very eyes

Sponsored by the California Arts Council


Outreach Feedback

Thanks so very much for your time, your talent, and yourself. Each student was enriched from this experience.

Rachael Worby, Musical Director - Pasadena Pops Orchestra

Of special note: I would like to especially thank you and Diane for the two wonderful master class interactions you had with the Chico High School students and the Chico State University students. It was thrilling to see members of our community improve so rapidly under your direction. Plus the wonderful field trip for 1200 school age children - you made them music lovers for life!
Dan DeWayne - Director of CSU, Chico Public Events and Performances

On behalf of the youth of Bright Tomorrows, I
wanted to thank you, again, for bringing your talent to our elementary schools. Your wonderful performance and lively interaction with the audience made it so special. What a memorable delight for our youth and staff..Thank you!
Kathleen Sawyer - Regional Director, After School Programs

Just a short note to personally thank you for your excellent performance at last week's Rap & Chat event with Ice T. Living in the inner city, most of the kids had never been to an opera or musical, and it was really a treat for them to see you perform. You really made the characters come alive! It has been a pleasure working with you- you are charming, professional and talented - a winning combination.
Cheryl Myers - Chairman, Entertainment Committee

Thank you so much for helping us to celebrate the magic of Disney at the Childhelp USA Gala last week! Your incredible performance made the night simply unforgettable! We cannot tell you how many compliments we received about your portion of the program and it was plainly evident how much the youngsters enjoyed the show. The interactive nature of your music medley was truly engaging-you really know what children like! Your participation contributed immensely to the success of the evening.
Sara O'Meara - Chairman & CEO - ChildhelpUSA

On behalf of the Institute for Educational Advancement, we would like to thank you for your support of our Apprenticeship Program. Sharing your insights with the students was an important part of the program, for they learned what being a professional musician entails. Learning about your accomplishments will help them realize their own potential for success.
Elizabeth J. Stork - The Institute for Educational Advancement